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Highly detailed 3d animation and visual effects

Our award-winning creative studio works with some of the world’s top advertisers and designers to help them make their products come to life. Our expertise is the production of highly detailed 3d animation and visual effects. With FatCat Media there are virtually no limits to turning your ideas and designs into reality.

3d Design Services

3D MODELING – Our unique 3D modeling processes connects real-world data to the most captivating 3D special effects. Our renderings and animations are photo-realistic, fully immersive, and totally customizable, allowing us to capture everything down to the smallest detail.

PRODUCTION – We pride ourselves on creating digital environments that go beyond your expectations. Whether we need to use high-flying drones or use motion capture of live actors, we spare no expense to find the perfect solutions to real problems.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES – The most up-to-date technologies continually bring new possibilities in marketing and visualization to the forefront. Our continued leadership in the industry means that we are well-versed in new media of all kinds, and are eager to bring our expertise to your project.

  • Still Image Renderings
  • Photo-montage Renderings
  • Animation
  • 3D Printing