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Project Description



We were approached by February Point Resort Estates to produce print collateral to support sales initiatives for a new phase of the resort development. The existing brochure was not an effective outreach tool for February Point for several reasons. From a design perspective, the brochure suffered from a dated look and feel and simply didn’t appear professional. Additionally, it contained conflicting logos for two separate entities as well as outdated sitemaps. This problem was amplified by the fact that individual sales team members were creating their own marketing materials, so there were few brand consistencies in the field.


A new layout that utilized a simple, sans serif typeface and creative photo and illustrative techniques helped create a more contemporary look and feel. The new layout also helped reorganize the information in a way that truly emphasized the benefits of February Point Resort Estates, and was more reflective of the mission and goals of the organization. Additionally, the logos were placed more effectively, helping clarify the rank order. The choice of a 2-color palette utilized existing colors in use in other marketing materials and fit within budget constraints.


This proved to be a very cost-effective brochure and marketing collateral updates for February Point Resort Estates. Utilizing digital print technology allowed the client to produce and disseminate a large number of brochures at a very reasonable cost eliminating the need for the sales team to imprint their own copies. This in turn helps to further establish and enhance the brand identity.

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