Project Description

3-D Architectural Design Product & Concept Design Character & Animation Design 3-D Marketing Artwork

3-D Design Solutions

FatCat Media is an award-winning interactive media and 3D visualization studio that was established in 2011. We specialize in creating visual assets for advertising agencies, designers, real estate developers, product manufacturers, and world-class resorts and destinations.

FatCat Media is unlike any other studio in the United States. Our business model is centered around taking on a steady volume of work and delivering under the most challenging of circumstances the highest quality visual content to our clients. This is what we are geared to do. While our competitors would always prefer more realistic schedules, or receive all of the final drawing information before starting a job, FatCat Media recognizes that projects almost never fit into this category. FatCat Media has the experience & infrastructure in place to accommodate the workload that is required for any of your projects.

Architectural Concept & Visualization
3-D Character Design
Product Design & Mockups
Photorealistic 3-D Artwork
Motion Graphics

Some examples of our 3-D projects…